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Rooted in Louisiana, Emily brings high-quality floral design to her beloved community. After earning her degree from LSU in 2017, Emily's corporate career in Nashville led her to realize her true calling in floral design.

Returning home, she established Elle Floral Design, combining professionalism with a love for playful and evocative flower arrangements.

Known for her organizational skills and creative flair, Emily is affectionately called “Momily” by her friends.

When not designing, Emily enjoys period dramas, her dog Carter, and a well-crafted Old Fashioned.

a passionate floral designer dedicated to turning the natural beauty of flowers into art

meet emily LeSaicherre

"I MUST HAVE FLOWERS, always and always"

five fun facts about emily

Emily studied abroad in Brighton, England, and came home with her first tattoo—a teacup.

She is a proud dog mom to Carter, a golden retriever/chow mix often found by her side.

Emily has a passion for spreadsheets and considers Excel her love language.

Her favorite cocktail is an Old Fashioned.

As a teenager, Emily used to barrel race horses.


why floral design by ELLE, not EMILY?

Emily's business coach once shared that she wished she had named her business after herself for a personal touch. However, Emily realized that 'LeSaicherre' would be too difficult for people to pronounce, spell, or search online. Determined to find a solution, she decided to play on her initials, 'EL.' By adding a touch of creativity and charm, she transformed it into 'Elle.' This name not only reflects her identity but also adds an elegant and memorable twist to her brand. Thus, Floral Design by Elle was born, combining personal significance with approachable sophistication.

what's in a name

At Floral Design by Elle, our brand values are the cornerstone of our ethos. We're committed to providing an unforgettable service, ensuring every client feels valued. Excellence in design is paramount—we push boundaries, crafting captivating arrangements with precision. Through thoughtful communication and collaboration, we bring our clients' visions to life, making each interaction meaningful.

our brand values

Providing an unforgettable service for people of all backgrounds with a fair pricing structure

Exceeding expectations in design

Thoughtful communication and collaboration

At Floral Design by Elle, every floral service is tailor-made. Expect a personalized proposal for your unique project. Explore our process or reach out for a custom quote for your event today.

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MEET emily

Emily LeSaicherre is the Louisiana based artist behind Floral Design by Elle